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I had a wonderful experience with my thigh lift surgery at London Private Hospital. The surgical team was both professional and caring, and I greatly appreciate how comfortable and well looked after they made me feel. Everyone who assisted was extremely supportive, and I am sincerely thankful!
Jessica Brown, Thigh Lift Patient 3rd April 2024
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    What Is A Thigh Lift?

    A thigh lift, or thighplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the thighs by removing excess or loosening skin and fat around the thigh area. This procedure is ideal for individuals looking to achieve firmer, more contoured thighs, particularly after significant weight loss has left sagging skin. Book a consultation at London Private Hospital to get a personalized thigh lift surgery consultancy.

    Why Choose Thighplasty?

    Skin on the thighs tends to sag due to aging, fluctuations in weight, and genetic factors. The thigh area naturally accumulates more fat. It’s usually difficult to lose weight in this area, even when you’ve achieved a flat tummy after regular exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet. Thighplasty can eliminate the excess skin, fats, and inset the underlying tissues to obtain a toned form. Moreover, thighplasty also creates a flattering body contouring image to increase your confidence.

    About Thigh Lift Surgery

    Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic operation targeting improving the appearance. During the surgery, a highly-trained plastic surgeon, creates precise incisions on the thigh, usually in natural body folds or the groin crease, excising the tissue in question. After that, the remaining skin is put back together and sutured, making it tighter in the process and creating a firm and smoothness-enhanced contour. Such surgery can focus on the inner or outer thigh, or both. In the process, a highly-dimensional outcome is achieved, improving lower-body harmony and balance.

    Side Effects / Complications

    Thigh lift, like any other surgical intervention, can cause certain side effects and complications. There are usually such symptoms as swellings, bruises, and some, often temporary, sensitivities the patient might feel. However, in some rare cases, some more serious conditions may develop, such as improper healing of the wound. Nevertheless, side effects and complications are rare, and at London Private Hospital, we always do everything possible to minimize any risks. Moreover, you will get the fullest instructions on how to behave and what to expect before and after the intervention to go through the recovery process safely.

    Why Us For Thigh Lift Surgery?

    Opting for a thigh lift surgery with London Private Hospital mean that you are in the best hands of our well-experienced plastic surgeons. Our surgeons are well-recognized for their precise work and extreme devotion to achieving the highest quality of the patient’s satisfaction. We apply advanced technology and cutting-edge surgical methods to perform a safe procedure which meets the highest standards while focusing on your comfort. You will be looked after by our professional team from the beginning, through the surgery, afterwards and therefore, provided with the most convenient experience. The thigh lift surgery will be fully customized to your individual anatomy and preferences to bring to the best results possible.

    Is Thigh Lift Surgery the Right Option for You?

    Let’s find out!

    Do You Have Excess Skin? If you have significant loose, excess skin on your thighs due to weight loss or natural aging, a thigh lift can be beneficial.

    Do You Maintain a Stable Weight? Ideal candidates are those who have reached a stable weight, as fluctuations can affect the long-term results of the surgery.

    Are You Seeking Improvement? It’s important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. A thigh lift will improve the shape and tone of your thighs, but it won’t necessarily achieve perfection.

    How Is Your Overall Health? Being in good overall health and free from medical conditions that impair healing is crucial for surgical success.

    Do You Smoke? Smoking can severely compromise the body’s ability to heal, so non-smokers or those who can quit smoking well before and after the surgery are ideal candidates.

    Are You Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle? Continuing a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise is essential to maintain the results of the surgery.

    Thigh Lift Aftercare and Recovery

    Recovery and aftercare are crucial for achieving the best results from your thigh lift surgery. Immediately after the surgery, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions. It’s important to rest and keep your legs slightly elevated to reduce swelling and promote healing in the first few days following the procedure. Some discomfort is expected, but your surgeon will prescribe medication to manage any pain and ensure your comfort.

    You will be advised to avoid strenuous activities and extensive leg movements for several weeks. Gradual walks can be beneficial to promote circulation. Make sure you attend all scheduled follow-up appointments so your surgeon can monitor your healing and remove sutures if necessary.

    By following your surgeon’s advice and taking proper care of yourself during recovery, you can enjoy lasting results from your thigh lift procedure. If you’re considering this transformative surgery, scheduling a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is the best way to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to recover after a thigh lift?

    Initial recovery is about 2-3 weeks, but you need to follow your surgeon’s aftercare recommendations and avoid strenuous tasks. Final results are usually seen after months, when all swelling is gone and the skin tightened.

    Will the scars be visible?

    The thigh lift is associated with two scars: one in the groin area or another following the body’s natural folds. However, the scars are minimal and with time these fades and become quite unnoticeable.

    Can I combine it with other surgeries?

    Thigh lift is often combined with the tummy tuck or full body lift to enhance the obtained effects and produce the most desirable outcome.

    How can I take care of the results to make them really long-lasting and visible?

    Even operation that reduces your thigh in size will not prevent them from gaining weight in case of bad diet and a lack of exercising. The results are also affected anyway by the body’s natural ageing.

    Thigh Lift Finance Options

    At London Private Hospital, the cost of a thigh lift surgery is influenced by various factors, including your medical health, the type of anaesthesia used, post-surgical care, and necessary follow-up appointments. We offer a zero percent interest-free credit plan, allowing you to distribute the cost of your surgery across ten months without any interest. For those needing longer to pay, we also provide cosmetic surgery loans with flexible repayment terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, subject to interest rates. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the most suitable financing plan, ensuring you can achieve your aesthetic goals without financial strain. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how a thigh lift can enhance your appearance and confidence.

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