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  • Medically reviewed by Dr kam Singh Bsc(Hons), MRCGP, MBCAM
    Medical Advisory Committee for London Private Hospital
    Last Reviewed July 4th 2024

    What is Breast Implant Replacement?

    Breast implant replacement, also known as breast revision or a re-augmentation, switches existing breast implants with new ones. You see, breast implants are not permanent. Over time, they are prone to change in shape, texture, and even integrity. The result? A bust that you may no longer like or feel confident with.

    In the same time frame, your body may also change! Ageing and weight fluctuations can alter your appearance in such a way that your current implants no longer suit your current frame. Alternatively, your aesthetic goals may have changed since your last boob job, and you want a new look. In any of these situations, a breast revision is a great way to get back the curves you always wanted.

    A breast revision is a worthy investment as it allows you to swap out older implants for new ones that are made with more advanced technology. These upgraded models are medically safer and can give you a far better look and feel.

    Ultimately, the decision to get a revision is personal, and at London Private Hospital, our goal is to follow your lead. Whether you are looking to go up a size or remove your implants altogether, we are here to guide and support you. Moreover, our state-of-the-art facility and luxury accommodations will keep you comfortable every step of the way.

    What Concerns Does a Breast Implant Replacement Treat?

    Breast implant replacement is a suitable cosmetic procedure for anyone looking to address any of the following concerns after breast augmentation:

    • Switch to a different size due to changes in body shape or aesthetic goals
    • Breast implants have ruptured and been damaged
    • Breast implants have or have displaced and are causing unevenness
    • Upgrade to the latest model of natural-looking breast implants

    What Happens During Implant Replacement Surgery?

    Breast implant replacement surgery is typically performed under general anaesthesia to ensure you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon begins by making an incision along the previous scar line. This approach reduces the need for and scarring from additional cuts. However, they may need to make additional incisions, depending on your case. Common locations include:

    • Close to the armpit
    • Under the breast
    • Around the nipple

    The surgeon then carefully removes the old breast implants, taking great care not to damage the surrounding breast tissue. Any scar tissue in the implant pocket is removed, as it can affect the appearance and feel of the breasts.

    Once the pocket is ready, the surgeon inserts the new breast implants into place. The incisions are stitched, and the medical team applies the dressings. The entire procedure takes 2–3 hours.

    Recovery and Aftercare

    After surgery, our medical staff will take you to recovery. You’ll stay there while the anaesthesia wears off. Our team will monitor your vital signs. As you wake up, you might feel groggy and have some pain and discomfort. This is normal. You’ll get pain medication to help manage it.

    You’ll notice swelling, bruising, and soreness in your chest. This is also normal. In the first few days after surgery, rest is very important, and your body needs to focus on healing. Here are some after-care instructions to keep in mind for a smooth recovery and the best results:

    • Wear a compression garment or surgical bra to support your breasts and reduce swelling.
    • Take the prescribed pain medications to manage any discomfort.
    • Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, or intense exercise for the first two weeks.
    • Light activities, like short walks, are good to promote circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots.
    • Follow your surgeon’s advice on how to care for the incisions, which will take some time to fade.

    Most patients typically feel healed enough to return to light work duties within a week, but this varies depending on individual recovery rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I change a breast implant without surgery?

    No. Implant replacement surgery is the only way to switch out breast implants. It is also the only way to go up or down implant sizes and change breast contours after an augmentation.

    Can I switch out a different type of breast implant than I had previous?

    Yes! Many of our breast augmentation patients decide to switch their old implants to enjoy the newer ones available. The new implants are manufactured to be safer, look better, and feel more natural.

    Can I have a smaller or larger implant size during my breast revision?

    Of course! The procedure to switch to larger implants is relatively straightforward. Smaller breast implants are also possible. However, an uplift may also be needed with the revision to manage the excess skin. You can discuss the exact details of this surgery during your free consultation.

    Can I combine a breast revision with other cosmetic procedures?

    Yes! You can combine a breast revision with other breast or body procedures. Use our free consultation to discuss all your body goals in detail with our expert cosmetic surgeons. They can then come up with a personalised plan just for you!

    Are the results of a breast revision permanent?

    The results are just as long-lasting as a breast augmentation. But you may see changes in your breasts as you:
    Gain or lose weight
    Experience hormonal fluctuations

    How soon can I go back to my daily activities after breast surgery?

    About two to three weeks because right after surgery. You need to rest for at least seven days. So, no physically straining activities or going to work. You must avoid heavy lifting and intense exercise for at least six weeks. Overexertion slows down the healing process and may affect the final results. Wait for your surgeon to give you the go-ahead to stay safe.

    Can I have my breast implants removed but not replaced?

    Yes! Many of our patients have decided to remove their breast implants and not have them replaced. Having said that, it is important to understand your breasts may not go back to their pre-augmentation appearance. As some natural breast tissue may be removed during the initial breast enlargement surgery and revision, breast volume may decrease. Also, your skin will have stretched to accommodate the implants. Therefore, a tightening or uplift may also be need for an aesthetically pleasing result.

    When should I get my breast implants replaced?

    Replacement time depends on your original breast implants. If they are older than ten years, they may have hardened and may need to be changed. But if your implants are damaged or leaking, it is best to have them replaced sooner rather than later to prevent further complications. If you are unsure what to do, discuss your concerns with our cosmetic surgeons. They will assess the state of your current implants and give you their recommendations.

    Will the scarring be worse after my second breast surgery?

    In a majority of cases, scarring is no different than that of the first breast surgery. Moreover, our surgeons will try their best to ensure new incisions are made on the old scar lines. While this incision will be prominent at first, it will fade over time.

    Will I lose sensation in the breast area after a revision surgery?

    While changes in sensation can occur after a breast revision, it’s not guaranteed. Some patients may feel temporary numbness or altered sensation after surgery. Having said that, the feeling usually returns as the breast area heals.

    How soon can I fly after having breast surgery?

    This is hard to say because it depends on your healing. So, before flying, consult your cosmetic surgeon. They are best qualified to tell you whether it is safe to fly because there are some risks to consider. It is also important to inform the airline and travel insurance company if you plan to fly after surgery. They may have certain rules and regulations for post-op passengers. We instruct our patients not to fly immediately after breast surgery and advise them to wait 2-3 months, especially if they are planning an international trip.

    Am I too old or too young to get a breast implant replacement?

    This depends on the medical facility. We do not have an upper age limit for our cosmetic procedures at London Private Hospital. Yet, all our patients must be at least 18 years old. We do not perform breast implant replacements on anyone younger.

    Financing and Pricing Options

    Financing your breast revision surgery does not have to break the bank! At London Private Hospital, we offer several flexible options to help you finance your aesthetic goals. Private Surgeon Consultation FREE 30 minutes of dedicated time Complete health and goal assessment Thorough examination to determine suitability Detailed explanation of the surgical process Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Starting from £[amount] Finance from just £[amount] per month* Zero Deposit Required Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Costs Expert Guidance from Our Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon Luxury Private Hospital Accommodation

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